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We are all inspired by stories of love. Tales that move us, awaken our hearts and change us forever. Sandals presents Legends of Love–enchanting and timeless love stories, which bring unforgettable romance and the beauty of the islands to life

A beautiful island maiden,

falls hopelessly in love with a dashing soldier stationed at the local dockyard. They enjoy sun-kissed days along Dickenson Bay, creating memories that must stand the test of time.

Ricardo A young lieutenant in the royal navy.

Captivated by Gisele's kindness and beauty, Ricardo's one wish is to spend the rest of his life with her. On the eve of their wedding, he is called away to war.

From a legendary man, came a legendary brand inspired by a love of the Caribbean, of romance, of people, of taking chances, of innovation, and of the finer things in life.

From this vision, Sandals was born. Unlike a movie scene or a page from a novel, these settings are yours to discover...

We invite youand the oneyou love

to take a journey with Sandals and create a legend of your own.